In-house counsel service

Set up a cost-effective legal department

We understand that hiring and paying monthly salary to a lawyer might come at quite a cost for many enterprises. Hence, to facilitate enterprises’ access to professional and cost-effective legal solutions, PLF has developed a service concept known as “In-house Counsel” exclusively for corporates.
Under this type of service, PLF’s lawyers will act as a separate legal department of the enterprise and be held responsible for performing legal tasks as required by the enterprise






the work quality

Due to the nature of a law firm, we regularly perform a variety of complex requests from the clients.

Accordingly, we accumulate experience and constitute professional processes to assist you in achieving your business goals.

Save 50%

personnel cost

The average wage rate of a 5-year experienced lawyer with excellent foreign language skills nowadays has been up to thousands of dollars, not to mention the cost of other working benefits.

By using In-house Counsel service, you can take advantage of existing facilities of PLF. Besides, you will be supported by a team of experienced lawyers and executives.


almost all legal issues

When using the in-house counsel service, you are entitled to request PLF to provide advices on all legal issues of the enterprise including the review of documents and contracts.

Additionally, for complicate tasks, you may also engage PLF in directly performing the procedures or drafting documents as agreed  upon between PLF and the enterprise.

Our clients in their own words

  • Global CyberSoft
    I am very pleased with the In-house Counsel service of PLF..."

    Mr. Ngô Đức Chí

    CEO Global CyberSoft

  • UL VN
    We appreciate PLF of professionalism, sense of responsibility, and especially their clever when handling these incurred requests arise at work…"

    Dr. Tôn Thất Kiêm

    Vietnam Country Manager UL VS

  • Vglove Khai Hoan
    We’re really impressed with the performance of PLF. They are quick, professional and gave us clear answer to our problems..."

    Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Hiep

    CFO Vglove Khải Hoàn

  • Wefly
    Using the In-house counsel service of PLF is such an honour for me. Since PLF team possesses an outstanding professional working style, the requested dossiers have always been taken into account for thorough revise, the lawyer team is always willing to actively update on the case and complete work as scheduled..."

    Ms. Mio Tran

    CEO & Creator Wefly

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