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PLF is a pioneering law firm offering In-House Counsel Service in Vietnam.

Founded in 2009 within a highly competitive legal context of Vietnam, PLF has chosen to go for a differentiation strategy of development.
It is acknowledged that every single business happens to be in need of legal supports. The operating cost of a legal department, however, is considerably high.
Consequently, we undertake to have In-house Counsel Service developed committing to offer enterprises accessing to professional legal supports with cost-efficiency.
Besides the In-house Counsel Service, PLF also provides other legal consulting services, Start a business in Vietnam, M&A.
PLF’s clients include leading enterprises from many countries, namely UL VS (US), Schade (Germany), EverGreen Line (Taiwan), Wefly (Poland), Tex Zipper (India), Evolable Asia (Japan), Jung Lim Architecture (Korea), DunLoPillo (UK), GFK (Germany), SIAM Brothers (Thailand), So Trans (Vietnam), etc.

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