Patent application in Vietnam

PLF is an Industrial Property representative which is authorized by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam to act on behalf of individuals and enterprises to establish and enforce intellectual property rights in Vietnam.

Services of patent application:
  • Advise on the procedures and conditions for patent registration
  • Advise on the scope of patent protection
  • Look up patent information
  • Lodge claims against the decision to refuse protection (where applicable)
  • Advise on patent-infringing acts
  • Evaluate the legality of documents provided by the client
  • Work with relevant authorities on behalf of the client
  • Partake in the settlement of patent disputes
  • Registration of international patents
  • Maintain the validity of exclusive patents
  • Prepare exclusive patent applications
  • Advise on the drafting of the patent description and summary
  • Draft patent protection requests
  • Advice on certifying the legal right to apply for patent in case the applicant is beneficiary of such right via another person
  • Draft the initial application and documents certifying the display and exhibition, when there is a request to enjoy the priority right in accordance with the international treaty
Vo Minh Tri (Mr.) 
Tri has been practising intellectual property for 16 years, included 8 years working at Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam.
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If you wish to request a service of the patent application in Vietnam, please contact PLF.


Bui Cong Thanh
Managing Partner

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